Blue Glass Fortunes is a series of dreams visualised, revealing subconscious anxieties, hopes and desires.

“The series arose from the first dream ‘Blue Glass Fortunes’ set in a in a ballroom. The scene reminded me of the setting in Issac Julien’s ‘Looking For Langstone’, everything was black and white except for the blue glasses around the room. Each glass was a light and revealed faces, some I knew and some were new but all with familiarity. I remember dancing, dancing wide and dancing for so long, moving in a way I never knew I could. I woke up feeling free.

I decided to document these dreams, through voice notes and paintings. Themes of the current political climate, existing outside of gender binaries and intimacy in a digital age reoccur, all embedded deep into my dreams. I look back onto this series for revelations of myself, fortunes ahead and signs of what will be and that I cannot see. Day dreams are where I have control but dreams in the night are where I lose all hold. Blue Glass Fortunes.”